Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yard Sales and Birthdays

Had problems signing in, so I couldn't update, but not much has been going on here.

We had our GIANT yard sale Labor Day weekend. We got rid of lots of stuff! The remainder went to Goodwill, except a couple of things that I'll ebay. Its so nice having all that stuff gone, but it seems like our house is still full. I need to do another decluttering pass soon.

School is going well. Zach and Maddie are using a new curriculum this year. So far so good, but I need to buy a new printer to accomodate all the books we need to print. Laser printers are much more cost effective, so I'll be ordering one soon. Josh really enjoys the co-op classes. I think he enjoys the time with friends more than the classes, but that's ok. I need to find a program to start getting him prepared for SAT's.

Kate's enjoying her new car. I'm enjoying her new car. She's working a ton and going to school, so we don't get to see her very much these days. We really miss having the whole family together for supper.

Birthdays were fun. We celebrated both Josh and Kate's this past Sunday (the only day everyone was home together). Chips, soda, ice cream cake and tacos. YUM! Josh loved his guitar. Kate loved having her car paid for. Debt free is a beautiful thing. 2000 Chevy Cavalier - paid in full. God is good.

The day is winding to a close. Maddie's taking a bath with her baby Belle doll. Josh is playing the guitar. Tom's installing a new breaker for his shop with Zach's help. Kate's working. I'm going to trace a new shirt pattern out. Haven't decided what fabric I'll use to make it - something from my stash or something new. We'll see.


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