Friday, May 21, 2010


IMG_2202, originally uploaded by Honoring Home.
Homemade pizza.
Tossed salad.
A glass of red wine.
The scent of lilacs.
A cool breeze coming in the window.
Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong in the background.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sense and Sensibility Patterns

One of my very most favorite sewing sites online has a brand new completely updated website.

To celebrate the new look, Sense and Sensibility Patterns is having a HUGE sale! The sale was supposed to end today, but I received a notice that it's been extended until Monday! So head over and check it out. All patterns are 15% off!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Extreme Makeover Garden Chair Edition

We inherited these chairs from the previous owners of our home. They are among the many things they graciously left behind for us when they moved out and we moved in. They sit under a pine tree in our back yard, next to the bird feeder, which the previous owners also graciously left.

I love these chairs. I enjoyed sitting in them last year, after walking up from the garden, very pregnant with Sophie, and carrying Emma on my back. (I'm sure that was a site to see.) These chairs welcomed me. Emma and I sat and watched birds coming to the feeder. We rocked. We nursed. She slept. Did I mention that I love these chairs? They looked a bit neglected though. So I sanded them.

Found out one of them used to be red. You can see it right next to the rust.

The other one used to be sort of aqua blue.

Now, they are all blue and white. The picture makes them look like they're different colors, but they are both the same blue, like the one on the right, with white arms. And the table is blue with a white top. It's what color they wanted to be. They told me so. Now they match the forget-me-nots. You should come sit in them with me. I'll make the tea.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a full day!
  • We did school.
  • I cut the front grass (most of it, till I ran out of gas in the mower).
  • Josh cut the back grass.
  • I baked 3 loaves of bread.

  • We did hammered flower impressions on fabric.

  • I made a wire ribbon flower, like this one, only mine is turquoise blue.

  • I made dinner with Maddie's help.
  • Maddie brought me flowers.

But most of all, I enjoyed my children. It was a good day! How was your day?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Weekend Gift

This past weekend's weather was gorgeous. We went to a nearby favorite park to enjoy a bit of God's creation and we celebrated Emma's 2nd Birthday (technically a couple of days late, but she didn't mind).Swinging on favorite swings.

Playing in the VERY COLD water.

Sophie enjoyed her first ride in a swing.

Loving the sand and the water, which she called "Weee".

Skipping stones.

I've found that there are days where my To Do list can be a mile long, but the best thing for us all is to scrap the list and go have fun. Our days of enjoying each others company are too few and far between, so when God gives us a gift - beautiful weather and everyone home at the same time - we should unwrap it with joy and not stick it aside for another day. What a beautiful gift that day was!


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