Friday, June 29, 2007

Rag Curler Result

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to try curling Maddie's hair with rag curlers. You know, the old fashioned curling iron that doesn't damage your hair. Well, this is what she looked like with her hair in rags. Kind of cute, I think.

Here's after from the back. What beautiful ringlets! Of course it helps that her hair has natural curl anyway.

Now if I could find a way to curl my own hair that way without my husband seeing the "before".....

Thursday, June 28, 2007

What Flower are you?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

So, I just took this fun quiz to see what flower I am. I had a couple of answers that could go either way, so I'm both a Canna - ""You stand up for what you believe in, even if it gets in the way of what other people think. You are proud of yourself and your accomplishments and you enjoy letting people know that.", and a Snapdragon, but I forgot to copy what it said about Snapdragons, and when I changed the answers back to my original ones it still came up as a Canna. So I guess that's what I am.

Today I'm experimenting with rag curlers on Maddie's hair. She has such beautiful hair that I thought it would be fun to try. I'll try to post pictures of how it turns out.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Its raining. Again. I need to check my address, 'cause I thought we lived in Texas now, and I'm beginning to think maybe not. Perhaps we're still in Maine and this has just been a really bad dream. I'll wake up soon, and we'll be in Maine, with friends, my kids will all be happy, my husband won't be, but maybe the dream state will continue and he'd like it there. Hmmm. What is God's lesson in this?

Josh is in Colorado at Scout camp for a week. I miss him. A lot. Just as soon as Katie came home, Josh left. I want all my children to be home. I want all my children to WANT to be home. Oh well, they grow up and move on. At least I still have a few years with Zach and Maddie.

Did I mention that its raining? Again.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Does a fish know its wet?

Why is it so easy to see what other people should do or shouldn't do, and it is SO hard to see that clearly in your own life? Its so easy to tell others (or at least think about telling others), "Just watch what you eat", "Get organized", "Clean your house and stop coming up with excuses", "Go back to school", "Get a better job", etc., etc., etc. So who tells us these things? And if someone did, would you really listen? It's so easy to just get angry, get offended and start listing back all the things THEY should do. How do you look at your own life and really see it? How do you look at your personality from the outside - you know, the way others really see you, not they way you hope you come across? I'm not sure its possible. When you are so immersed in something, you stop seeing it objectively. You start taking on characteristics of whatever is around you, and you don't even realize it.

So, does a fish know its wet?

Friday, June 15, 2007


So after a "leave of blog absence" for almost 2 months, I suppose I should have something to write about.

We went "up North" for a quick whirlwind trip to visit family. 4 days in Spencerport, NY, 3 days in Wellsboro, PA, and 2 days in Bear, DE. Plus 1 1/2 days of driving and time at the airport. Oh, What Fun!

So back to the daily grind. Kate's in England and will be returning on Monday, the 18th. Zach turns 8 on the 19th, Josh leaves for a week of summer camp in Colorado on Thursday, and then before we know it, July will be here.

Adoption is currently on hold - it's rather expensive for anyone who didn't know it. Unfortunately, we'd love to just jump in, but adopting from Korea requires a payment of about $17,000 when we receive a referral. It could take about a year or so to receive a referral, but we honestly don't see how we can come up with an "extra" $17,000, and that doesn't include other fees or travel. Hmmm.

Ok, so maybe I really don't have anything to write about. For once, my life is pleasantly boring. I'm sure I'll cook up something exciting soon. Stay tuned....


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