Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Its raining. Again. I need to check my address, 'cause I thought we lived in Texas now, and I'm beginning to think maybe not. Perhaps we're still in Maine and this has just been a really bad dream. I'll wake up soon, and we'll be in Maine, with friends, my kids will all be happy, my husband won't be, but maybe the dream state will continue and he'd like it there. Hmmm. What is God's lesson in this?

Josh is in Colorado at Scout camp for a week. I miss him. A lot. Just as soon as Katie came home, Josh left. I want all my children to be home. I want all my children to WANT to be home. Oh well, they grow up and move on. At least I still have a few years with Zach and Maddie.

Did I mention that its raining? Again.

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