Thursday, July 10, 2008


My computer died. On Sunday afternoon, I turned around to look something up on the internet (what in the world did we do before Google?). I searched, got a few options that looked like they potentially had the information I was looking for. Clicked on a couple. And then... Click. Just like that. Click. The computer shut down. It even made that noise. Click. No power outage. No power surge. Just a simple little Click. I tried to turn it on again. I unplugged it and re-plugged it and tried to turn it on again. I tested the outlet to make sure it still had power. It did. I unplugged it for an hour, plugged it back in and tried to turn it on again. Still nothing. I called the tech support line. The tech's answer? Unplug it, leave it off for about 20 seconds. Then plug it back in. Gee, and you get paid for this? (By the way, it didn't work even when the official tech-guy told me to do it.)

So, we had to take it in to the store for service. That was on Monday. They kept it. Its Thursday. I miss my Mac! I'm sitting here trying to use a PC for the first time in 2 years. Its so unfamiliar. And once upon a time I hated Mac's and thought PC's were the only option if you were serious about computers. I admit it. I was wrong. Once.

Still waiting for the call to pick it up. The service guy at the Genius Bar (can I work there? I love that. Genius Bar.) said it would take 3 - 5 business days. Its been 3. I want my Mac back. Now, please.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summertime Fun (Unless You're a Bug)

Zach and Maddie went outside yesterday to play with one of the other neighborhood kids. They were out there for HOURS - I love that. All kids should play outside for hours at a time - in fact, maybe there should be a law, but that's another topic. Anyway, hubby comes home from work, and they're still out there playing. When he asked them what they were doing, Zach tells him they're burning bugs. With his magnifying glass. Maddie excitedly pipes in, "Yeah, and one of them caught on fire! So we spit on him!" Oh, the joys of summer. Unless you're the bug.

On a side note, Zach ended up with a killer headache when they came inside. We couldn't figure out why. Turns out he was looking at the bright light the magnifying glass made on the bugs. Ok, so I never said my kids were bright. (No pun intended.)


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