Thursday, September 4, 2008


Katie is flying home today so she's here for Josh's and her birthday. She scheduled a non-stop flight out of Portland Maine. It was a little late (an hour) taking off, but we weren't concerned because it was a non-stop flight. So I just pick her up at the airport a little later than planned. No big deal. EXCEPT.... I guess US Airways didn't use the same dictionary as the rest of the English speaking population. The non-stop flight that Katie was on, stopped. In Philadelphia. And it was planned. Kind of makes you go, "Huh?" Not only did it stop, but it stopped late. And the flight that was supposed to continue to DFW left on time, so she and about 5 other passengers missed their connecting flight (don't forget, this was non-stop) to DFW and are rescheduled on another flight to arrive about 5 hours later than they should have. No, Katie didn't make a mistake. I have her itinerary. No this wasn't an unscheduled stop. Apparently that's the way this flight works from Portland to DFW. So, are we the only ones who now completely understand why the airlines repeatedly receive such poor customer service ratings?

Sorry, no cute pictures. I need to get a new battery for my camera. The rechargeable ones don't seem to work anymore. Recharged too many times?


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