Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Next Home

My son found this amazing website. A low impact home built by the owners and "help from passers by".

Imagine - No mortgage. No utility bills. No traffic. Just living. I think you have to have an amazing garden if you live there. Its a requirement. You also have to bake bread every day. I'd have to have power to run my sewing machine, but then again, when you live in a house like this you stitch everything by hand. Or you cut out the patterns, and at night while you're sleeping, little fairies come into your home and stitch everything together for you.....

Now to find the land to build it on.

Check out the website here.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Oh peaceful. Once again the imagination runs away among the holyhocks and fields of daisies, poppies, and black-eyed susans. Watching the young ones with sun-kissed cheeks play in the fields, building homes for the fairies and rainbows in the sky.

Please don't go as far as Wales to look for the land.


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