Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What I've been doing since April 29th...

Staring at this:

Isn't she beautiful? Emma Catherine - Emma because we love the name, Catherine is after both my grandmothers.

So, the stats, even though if you're reading this you probably know... She was born at 10:40 pm, April 29th. 7 lbs. 20 inches. Born at home. Yes, we planned it. Yes, we had a midwife. No, there aren't any drugs involved with homebirth. Yes, its legal (although the American Medical Association wants to change that).

So we're now a family of seven. Seven?! Oh, that sounds so big! It doesn't seem like a large family, but when you take up every seat in a minivan I suppose it qualifies. We're really enjoying having a baby in our home again. Even the middle of the night feedings are a blessing. God is good.

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