Sunday, November 14, 2010


I spent a blissful hour outside today just before sunset. The moon was up, the sun was setting, the sky was clear, and the air was cool. I took Poppy and Clover (our goats) down to the field for some much needed attention, exercise and free grazing (they grazed, I didn't). They loved it (so did I).

I originally planned to take a walk, but the girls were so happy to just "be" that I sat under an apple tree and kept them company, watching, thinking, and "being" with them. And I realized something. Sitting outside under an apple tree watching my goats graze under the rising moon and setting sun is a beautiful thing.  It IS.  There was no plan. They didn't eat a little and then plan to move over there and eat a little more, then plan to run a little and then eat a little more, then plan to climb on a rock.... I didn't plan out where I would sit and what view would be best and how long I would stay... We just WERE. They did their thing, and I watched. And listened. And breathed.

And I realized that I haven't done that for a very long time. 
Just listening. 
Just breathing. 
Just BEing.

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Kathy said...

How wonderful to hear that you were able to take the time to just BE for a change. I also hope that you were refreshed and renewed by your outing, brief as it was.


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