Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Week

So much happening, it must be posted in bullets, or it will never be posted.

  • Transcript for 4 years of high school compiled for Josh to graduate.
    • This was a tough one because most of our records were online, and we've had multiple computer and printer problems this year. 
    • This required digging through boxes in the cellar to find school work from 9th and 10th grades.
    • This also required some serious crunch time on Josh's part, which resulted in serious crunch time for grading the work on my part.
    • We're done. He graduates tomorrow!
  • The Builder made a shelter for the 11 turkeys that have been living in our garage for a month. The Turkey Ark was finished today, and the turkeys were relocated to their new home.
  • The 20 21 23 22 many chickens that have been living in the garage for a month have been moved to the coop, affectionately referred to as the Taj-Ma-coop. We'll see how they do.
  • The 9 ducks that have been living in our garage for a month have been relocated to temporary quarters until permanent shelter is built found.
  • We went to our last day at the middles' homeschool co-op. Lots of fun was had by all. We ended the day with very tired middles and littles, and a Mama who is grateful for time off for the summer but is wondering what she'll do without weekly sanity checks.
  • We ALL (even Josh and The Builder) went on a field trip to Children's Day at a small living history museum. It was a wonderful way to end the official school year.
  • The garden was planted prepared for planting. We're a little behind, but it seems that rocks grew very well over the winter and they needed to be removed. We got half of it done. We're a little late for planting here, but we're still going to put everything in and see what comes up. Because you never know.
  • Zach learned how to drive the tractor and tilled half of our field for planting. He's walking much taller now, with a little man-swagger.
  • Zach and Maddie each got to back a vehicle down the driveway to clear the way to clean out the garage. They both have a little bit of man-swagger.
  • The 100 strawberry plants I planted last week are doing very well, even though some of our chickens think the new strawberry bed is a custom built dust-bath just for them. I still need to mulch them. Maybe next week.
  • Bingley the baby boy goat is a little "less" boy. We had him neutered (which is a much better alternative than the meat market). I was amazed at how fast and easy the process was. Much better than disbudding.
  • Maddie finished up all her reading books for the year and is looking for more. 
  • Maddie and Zach finished science for the year.
  • I'm looking forward to our first summer "off" in several years. Other than some reading and math (which are year-round subjects), we're done with school!
Sorry, no pictures. With all those things going on, did you really expect me to take and download pictures? Impossible!

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