Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy March!

Today is the first day of March. March - you know - in like a lion, out like a lamb? THAT March. I can actually feel my fingers itch to start raking up the leaves that were missed last fall. I'm longing for the smell of fresh mulch to put on my flower beds. I'm dreaming of my children playing outside without carrying in wet slushiness on their boots and gloves and snowpants. I actually have crocuses that are beginning to peek their little green leaves out testing the weather to see if they should continue growing or duck back under cover for another week or two. Spring is in the air. I can smell it. Now I can even see it - even if it's just the pretty picture on my calendar and my yard is still covered with snow, I know it's coming. The crocuses told me so.

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Kate Pomelow said...

And with spring comes a new blog design - I like it. It reminds me of the happy colors that are going to be here soon. Remember last March that John and I came to visit and stole all your furniture? =) Miss you! And I can't believe Louby's going to be 2 next month - that's ridiculous!


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