Saturday, October 23, 2010


My wonderful hubby thought it would be nice to soak in our tub tonight. So we put on a movie for our middles and our littles, and he told the middles to watch the littles and he'd pay them a dollar for their work. He filled the tub (no small feat, let me tell you), and we went for a nice, long, peaceful soak. In our tub. See our tub?

Wanna see a better picture? You know you do.

Jealous? I'm sorry. 

We actually bought the house because of this tub.  Okay, I'm kidding. Sort of. We bought the house because of the land around the house, and the tub. The house was a bonus. I think if only the land and the tub were for sale we would have bought it. 

Anyway, back to our story. So The Builder and I are relaxing in our tub. The window is open to let in a soft breeze. The trees are swaying outside. The moon is full, peeking in and out from behind the clouds and shining through the foggy windows. There's a faint scent of smoke from the wood stove (it's a good scent, let me tell you), the water is nice and warm and soothing. All is peaceful and quiet and still. Except for our littles, Emma and Sophie, who are just outside the bathroom door, yelling and singing with their little noses pressed up against the small little crack - "Mama-boom, Papa-boom, lalalalalala, hi, tum in?, Paaaapaaaaa, Maaaaaamaaaaa, where is?, lalalalalalalala, up? wady, in? Paaaaaaaapaaaaaaaaaa, Maaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaa."  

Ahhhh yes. All is right with the world. I think we'll still give our middles a dollar. They tried.

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jakofhearts said...

Love it. I always knew you bought that house for the tub =)

I love those kids. Can't wait to see you soon!!


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